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    Jeremy Lin…A week ago he was practically a “nobody” on the Knicks roster and now he has energized his NY City teammates and also his career with his outstanding performances this week. The past 7 days has been crazy for the Harvard economics grad and he deserves every second of this attention he is getting and decides to share it with the rest of his team.

    Why am I writing about this? It’s simple…this man was given an opportunity and he completely capitalized on it. Without a doubt he was shooting in the gym prob a lot more then Kobe, sacrificed a lot more then we know and wasn’t afraid to do what he had to do to make his dream work.He was sleeping on his brothers couch in LES, New York City playing for the Knicks prob making just enough to get by and now that he ain’t going to be cut he is looking to make $613,567 minimum…not bad for a couch surfer. He just beat Kobe/Lakers and recorded a career high 38 points and responsible for the Knicks 4 games won this week…wow.

    I just wanted to put this out there that an opportunity to achieve your dream could come at any moment…its up to you to be ready for it. You also have to struggle, sacrifice and push yourself pass the limits you have for yourself, break them and go even further. Finally…when you get to your shot…you better put all that down and realize that this may be the one and only shot you may have. It’s a scary thought but if you want to live your dream…especially one that isn’t a typical route people take…you will have to fight to hold that dream as long as you possibly can. Being an underdog, underestimated and under-appreciated will give you fuel to push past the negatives to positives.

    Jeremy Lin…WITHOUT A DOUBT…is an inspiration to all who are chasing a dream…period!

    Now Check The Damn Video!

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    The Fire

    Truth be told…this past month has been the most I’ve been productive in and out of the studio in a year. January has been the month of “re-birth” of some sorts and the music coming out is amazing, weird and full of fun. It seems everything around me including friends, music, relationships, family, lifestyle and work ethic have all changed…and not necessarily for the better…but I will tell you this…I would NOT trade this feeling and the fire I have inside me right now for anything!

    This “re-birth” has been a wake-up call for myself. I remember being 16 in my bedroom banging out beats on Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 2.0 and chopping samples/drums on Cool Edit 1 EVERY NIGHT. Going over to Jonathan Garlow’s house every chance I could get and using his Triton to make beats on. (He actually probably used to hate that…lol) I was so hungry and eager to sharpen my sword to become better at this thing I loved so much…yes…it was LOVE. When I left the rez at 19 to move to St.Catharines I had no idea I was going to meet my brother Sese there…but they say things happen for a reason…right? (I’ll save this story for another time…) Anyways…I’m back to that feeling again but this time I am WAY MORE open minded and I believe I’m ready for this. I have done Hip-Hop, R&B, Folk, Rock, Metal, Reggae and a ton of other stuff I can’t classified…lol. Worked with talented musicians and I’m so happy to call them my friends. Learning more about the music as I go along…finding teachers in the most unusual places. I’m grateful for everything I have and for the people who have taught me…they didn’t have to do that.

    My musical family are hearing my new stuff and are either losing their mind…or wondering if I lost mine. I want to do so much more then just Hip-Hop but I cannot deny that my soul is forever intertwined with this culture that has given me the outlet to express myself. I want to make music, I want to perform music and more importantly…I want to share it with everyone! It wouldn’t be good if I just kept everything to myself right? I ain’t shit…I’m just a nobody kid from the rez right? What do I have to lose? So this is my official notice…


    Tonight I can barely sleep, Me and Sese are in the studio in 2012 finishing our album and I couldn’t be more grateful for this. We have some real good music I cant wait to share with everyone and more importantly just getting in the lab…being stupid…making records we want to make…no politics….no bullshit…just us!

    Friends…I have lost some. Some were very important and some were better off out of my life. Some family I will never see again and I carry that with me everyday. My lifestyle has changed dramatically and my work ethic is more crazier then ever.

    I end with this…I feel like I’m in the “iron house”…I sit at THE table…grab the cards I’m dealt…push everything in the middle. I’m all In…and I got nothing but change in these pockets.

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    Something new I did tonight. Lemme know what you think!

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    Sese - The Motto (Offical Video)

    Sese recorded this on Six last time we had a session for the 2ools & Sese album. I thought he went dumb on this!!! Check it out! S/O to G-Dot as always…

    Download the MP3 @ —>

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    Good Night - A cool beat I did a while back

  6. Notes: 1 / 2 years ago  from bookmarklet

    My Brother Sese released his new video for “Willy Wonka II”. We recorded this at my spot in the middle of our sessions for the 2oolman & Sese album. As you can see…he is very much on his BARS lately!

    So this is a WORLD PREMIER!!!!

    Sese - Willy Wonka II

    Sese - Willy Wonka 2 (Official Video) (by Seasonator)

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    So…My brother Alexander “Kedoh” Hill signed a 2-year deal with the Rochester Knighthawks of the National Lacrosse League. Last year he played with the Edmonton Rush and made a huge impression with the team. Now he gets to play closer to home which means I can actually go see him play more then once or twice this year. I’ve always been proud of my Lil’ Brother…and this is just one more thing to show off people to for me…lol.

    Here’s the article on knighthawks.net —> http://www.knighthawks.net/news/index.html?article_id=1742

    Follow him on twitter…he just got one. @AKH66


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    The homie SonReal just released his new video off of the “Where’s Waldo” mixtape. (DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE!!! —> http://www.sonreal.ca)

    Me and SonReal have been working for a few years now and the growth has been impressive! Look for more work from me and this man real soon…like we always do!

    SonReal - Haunted ft. Ali Milner (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (by Goodlifemusicculture)

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    As you may or may not know…Sese did a song with Quake and Kayo on YFRWN called “Is It Time” that I produced. (check http://www.yfrwn.com for that album)

    Anyways…Kayo was on the “That Ain’t Classy Tour” with Classified and the rest of Half-Life across Canada. He just so happened to stop in Brantford Ontario which is 20 mins from Six Nations. Me and Sese picked him up…took him to Six Nations and chilled. I ended up making the beat right there and Kayo and Sese started writing verses. Next thing you know…I was hitting record and the two laid down some dope verses. Check it out…this is a WORLD PREMIER!!!!

    DL Here: —> http://alturl.com/drg35

    Sese & Kayo - Progress (Prod by 2oolman) (by Seasonator)

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    Something for 3am…enjoy!

    Do It Big (Instrumental) (2009)

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